The movie Backpacker is the successful outcome of the encounter between a young traveler and the world that surrounds him.


The Trailer

At the beginning of September 2010, 9 months after this world adventure, I started the final project directly linked to the blog, that is the production of the movie which I decided to name Backpacker. The production ended in January 2011.

Backpacker in figures :

  • 150 hours of sequences selected in 15 days.
  • 600 back up DVDs + 6 full external hard drives.
  • 1200 Gbs of selected files for the final editing divided into 2,500 video clips..
  • 1150 hours of work on the whole movie (OST excluded).


    The Backpacker movie tells the story about the 365 days trip around the world of a young french man. From the coldest times in Canada to the terrible heat of India, from the Nepalese mountains to the mythical trans-siberian train, you’ll live this adventure as a real backpacker mad about discoveries.

    Get close to great white sharks in Southern Australia, discover Bob Marley’s birth place in Jamaica, be part of the huge west american landscapes and reach the end of the world in Ushuaia…In a 2h45 movie.


    Get involved !

    During my world tour, I’ve had the chance to get involved in different associations. Therefore, I now wish to give to the movie Backpacker a humanitarian aspect. For each DVD sold €2.5 goes to a humanitarian association. I am currently working with 2 french NGO’s called From Us to You and En Piste pour le Monde.

    You can now order your DVD (€18, shipping costs included for France) or simply download the movie (in HD) (€12).


    Why order ?

  • You’ll enjoy traveling through more than 30 countries in a 2h49 mn movie.
  • You contribute to finance some NGO’s (2,5 € are given on each movie sold).

    The project

    Romain World Tour is a project of a young graduate who spent 365 days traveling the world. Learn more »

    Get involved !

    For each DVD you buy €2.5 goes to charity. Learn more »

    Press releases

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